Euro Truck Simulator 2 “The Road to the Black Sea” DLC confirms December 5 launch

Today SCS Studios announced that their latest “The Road to the Black Sea ” of Euro Truck Simulator 2 will be released on December 5. The Black Sea Route will add three new European regions, including the Carpathian region of Transylvania, the Black Sea coast region of Bulgaria, and the Thrace region of Turkey, all the way to Istanbul, Europe’s largest city.

Players will drive trucks to complete a variety of transport tasks, including mining and metallurgy, logistics companies and farms. The game will add more than 10,000 kilometers of driving distance, add 11 new corporate ports and industries, and add 20 major cities and small and medium-sized towns.

The DLC will also add new 3D modeling material to the game, along with regional vegetation, local AI-controlled trains, light rail and cars and carriages on the road. Players can experience the bulgarian and Romanian suburbs, as well as the real border crossing process, crossing the Danube River by ferry crossing to unlock the Achievements of the Black Sea region.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 The Road to the Black Sea is expected to go live on December 5 for $17.99.

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