Kojima: To do a sequel to “Death stranding” may start from scratch

In a recent interview at the World Strand Tour event, Kojima was asked about the possibility of launching a sequel to Death Stranding, saying he and his brother had become good friends through the production of the game and had expressed interest in continuing to work together, so it was possible to consider A sequel to Death stranding. But he added that if he did make a sequel, he would “start from scratch.” This means that you start with the most basic design to create a new work, rather than adding and changing it on top of the original.

Kojima also explains why the game deliberately pursues this rhythm, especially the slow pace of the prologue stage. “I want the player to be Sam, it’s a process that needs to take it slow. He didn’t know how to control his body at first, just as a baby needed to learn to walk. ”

We also learned that both “asphalt” and “BT” in “Death stranding” came from kojima’s own childhood shadows. When he was two years old, his father pushed him into the sea from the boat, an experience that apparently cast a shadow over him. “I was very scared. I’ll still swim and occasionally dive when I grow up, but I have a real fear of huge waves and huge sea creatures. ”

Kojima also revealed that he started his own studio because he didn’t want her to worry. He wanted to wait until he was “small” to tell his mother, but unfortunately in the development phase of the game, his mother had passed away, and now he regretted not being able to tell her about her project. “The ghosts in the game, maybe my parents are one of them, they’re looking at me in this world. I want to add this metaphor to the game and tell the player that you are connected to the dead family. “

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