Global semiconductor pattern or change after frequent action of Taiwan enterprises

Japanese media reported that Panasonic had decided to sell its semiconductor business to Taiwan’s Nuvoton Technology. Japanese companies are divesting their semiconductor businesses, and Taiwanese companies are the recipients. At present, Taiwanese enterprises are rushing to acquire technology and talent. “We know that (Panasonic) has very valuable technology development talent that will allow us to secure a strategic advantage in the context of the promise driven semiconductor growth,” the Japan Economic News website reported on November 29. ”

On November 28th Nuvoton technology executives explained their intention to buy the semiconductor business. The acquisition of Nuvoton Technology and parent company Huabang Electronics will enhance the research and development of automotive and industry-related products.

Reported that the japanese business is not only the Nuvoton technology. In January 2019, Lianhua Electronics, the world’s fourth-largest semiconductor foundry, acquired Fujitsu’s semiconductor plant. In February, Taiwan’s Industrial Computer Maker acquired Omron’s subsidiary.

Global semiconductor pattern or change after frequent action of Taiwan enterprises

According to the report, Taiwanese enterprises have built up their status as a gathering place for the electronics industry. But there are weaknesses in research and technology development that take time. There is a view that Taiwanese companies will be replaced by other rising companies, so Taiwanese companies are starting to speed up the filling of the short board.

“Consultations seeking to collaborate with Japanese companies and mergers and acquisitions continue to grow beyond 2016. Taiwan’s semiconductor industry related people said. The tendency of Taiwanese companies to buy Japanese businesses looks set to continue for some time to come. Against this backdrop, the global semiconductor landscape may change.

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