Japanese media: Why are Chinese mobile phones popular in Southeast Asia?

Japanese media said that from the world as a whole, the smartphone market is showing signs of saturation. World supplies fell 4.1 percent to 1.44 billion units in 2018 from a year earlier, according to IDC, but emerging markets such as Southeast Asia are in the midst of full reach. In some countries, China’s OPPO mobile phones are rapidly expanding their share.

Japanese media: Why are Chinese mobile phones popular in Southeast Asia?

According to a survey by Euromonitor, the expected OPPO market share in 2019 has increased to 4.8 times compared with 2014, with Thailand 4.7 times, Indonesia 4.7 times and Vietnam 2.9 times, the Japan Economic News reported on November 29. OPPO’s share in Vietnam in 2019 is 23.6%, not far from Samsung Electronics of South Korea (25.5%, top of the list) with an overwhelming brand appeal.

Reported that in the central part of Hanoi, a street, the large mobile phone store “mobile world” opPO mobile phones are placed in a prominent position in the store. The shop assistant said opPO’s best-selling product was “F11”. As of mid-October, the price was about 7.3 million dong (about 2,200 yuan), two or three percent cheaper than Apple and Samsung’s main models. Camera performance is considered excellent, with a lot of people trying to buy at the counter.

“Compared to other mobile phones, you can take beautiful pictures, ” Yu Lan, who loves opPO phones, told the Japan Economic News. The price is lower than the iPhone, etc., and the operation is simple.”

Unlike countries such as Japan, where the iPhone share is up to 54.2% in 2019, Apple’s share in Southeast Asia is reported to be small. In Indonesia it was 2.5 per cent and in the Philippines it was only 2.4 per cent. Even Vietnam, which has always liked U.S. products, has fallen sharply from 19.2 percent in 2014 to 9.9 percent in 2019. For many people in Southeast Asia, the iPhone still seems too expensive.

Reported that the rapid expansion of OPPO share, it seems to have a clear relationship with the photo-taking function. People in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand are all like to use SNS (social networking sites) and selfies, and mobile phone cameras are used frequently. If you set your own photos in the standby interface, it’s not unusual in Thailand and Indonesia.

Indonesia had 130 million Facebook users as of July, the third-largest in the world after the United States and India, with 58 million in Vietnam and 8th with 46 million in Thailand, according to Germany’s Statista Research. In Vietnam, the local social networking site “zalo” is also popular. In Thailand, CHAT software such as LINE is popular, and friends often send photos to each other.

In Vietnam, many people send out friend-added requests to strangers through social networking sites, and have thousands of online friends, the report said. Whether you can take a lot of likes of beautiful photos, is the lifeline of the smartphone, if you add low prices, you can get consumer support.

Other Chinese brands, such as Xiaomi and Huawei, are also on the rise, the report said. Local companies such as Vietnam’s Vingroup have also launched smartphones. Competition is intensification is inevitable, and the excellent performance of OPPO will continue to the unknown.

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