Samsung and LG TVs start using more Chinese panels

Yoshio Tamura, vice president of DSCC Japan, said recently that as South Korea’s LCD productivity declines next year, the LCD TV supply chain of South Korean TV manufacturers will change significantly, and Samsung’s VD division and LG Electronics will increase the supply of Chinese panels. Among them, Samsung VD will be the procurement target to ChinaStar Optoelectronics and CEC, and LG Electronics will likely hand over more orders to BOE.

Samsung and LG TVs start using more Chinese panels

chinaStar Optoelectronics

Samsung and LG TVs start using more Chinese panels


On the one hand, it’s clear that that Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are an inevitable move to improve operational efficiency, and it’s clear that traditional LCD panels that can’t support competitive advantage are not doing enough to fight the rich Chinese companies, resulting in Samsung Display and LG Display. Display¬† to close the LCD line action, released display panel orders to lower-priced Chinese enterprises, in line with the interests of enterprise development.

On the other hand, Samsung Display and LG Display are fully committed to OLED display technology research and development, manufacturing. OLED display technology is known as the lcd display upgrade technology, more suitable for the future screen shape and effect of the demand, and in the FIELD of OLED panel, Samsung display and LG display, has now formed a monopoly in the small and medium-sized market and large-size market, almost the world’s second mature supplier.

So how should Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics buy LCD panels from Chinese companies? China will obviously continue to expand its advantages in terms of production, which appears to be insufficient in gold content, and still needs to invest more effort in cutting-edge technology such as OLED, QLED, MicroLED to ensure long-term competitiveness.

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