Microsoft Surface Book 2 joins support for 24-month interest-free installments: $502.83 per month

Today, Microsoft’s official marketplace announced that Surface Book 2 has officially joined the Surface All Access monthly pay-for-the-new program, starting at just $502.83 a month. Surface All Access is reported to be a monthly pay-per-view plan launched by Microsoft to buy surfaces and accessories for pre-installed Office Home and Student Edition 2019, with 24 months of interest-free low monthly installments.

微软Surface Book 2加入支持24个月免息分期行列:每月502.83元

At the price of 12068 yuan for the Surface Book 2 Starter Edition, 24-month interest-free installments start at $502.83 per month. It’s a great opportunity to get started for kids who like the Surface Book 2 and have a limited budget.

微软Surface Book 2加入支持24个月免息分期行列:每月502.83元

The Surface Book 2 comes in 13.5-inch, 15-inch screen sizes.

Of these, the 13.5-inch version is available in four configurations: Core i5-8350U/8GB/256GB (12068), Core i7-8650U/8GB/256GB/GTX 1050 2GB (16068), Core i7-8650U/16GB 512GB/GTX 1050 2GB (RMB 19868), Core i7-8650U/16GB/1TB/GTX 1050 2GB (RMB 23958).

The 15-inch version is available in three configurations: Core i7-8650U/16GB/256GB/GTX 1060 6GB (19378), Core i7-8650U/16GB/512GB/GTX 1060 6GB (22888) and Core i7-8650U/Core 16GB/1TB/GTX 1060 6GB (25808 yuan).

In addition, the Surface Book 2 supports four modes of operation: Studio mode, Notebook Mode, View Mode, and Tablet Mode. Also support pen, new USB-C interface, provides 2 USB 3.1 connectors, 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 Surface Connect ports and full-size SD reader.

The Surface Book 2 also offers a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel autofocus rear camera. In terms of battery life, officials say its batteries can be played for up to 17 hours.

微软Surface Book 2加入支持24个月免息分期行列:每月502.83元

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