Next-generation Xbox developers have not yet been distributed on a large scale to game developers

Sony’s PS5 developer has been exposed many times, with a seemingly exaggerated ventilation system and front LDC panel. The next generation of Xbox- Xbox-Scarlets is a lot quieter than the next generation of Xbox Scarlets, which, according to Tom Warren of The Verge, are rare.

Next-generation Xbox developers have not yet been distributed on a large scale to game developers

It seems that there are fewer third-party developers who have acquired the Xbox Scarlett developer, except for Microsoft’s own first-party workroom. The first distribution phase of the Scarlett developer has not yet occurred, suggesting that Microsoft is still developing the hardware.

Warren said on Twitter: “Very few people have an Xbox Scarlett developer, and they’re a long way from finalising. That’s why you always hear their nonsense that’s not strong enough. Microsoft wants to surprise Sony this time. “

Warren says that because next-generation consoles are equipped with ultra-fast SSDs and better CPUs, this time the console’s function is less important, and what really matters is the lineup.

Media said Warren’s last words were interesting. Although not from Microsoft’s mouth, it was in line with previous statements from The Xbox boss, Spencer, who said the Xbox Scarlett would never “stand in the wrong place” in terms of performance or price. Microsoft doesn’t want to repeat the 2013 Xbox One debut, which aims to bring players a powerful 4K/60FPS, 1080P/120FPS or even 4K/120FPS.

But while there are no developers, developers can still develop games for next-generation Xboxes.

Instead, developers may use the shrinking version, the Zen CPU and navi architecture GPU, which are close to the developer’s performance, to match the Xbox Development Kit (XDK). XDK is very comprehensive and flexible, allowing developers to develop a compatible Xbox console, Windows 10 PC, and upcoming game streaming technology Project xCloud games. The next-generation Xbox Scarlett also falls into the XDK category and is part of the Xbox console family.

Also, given that Scarlett wants to be compatible with Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Scanfour games, it may require a lot of testing and is one of the reasons the Xbox Scarlett developer is not ready.

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