Hubble telescope captures two giant galaxies ‘locked’ in gravitational “dance”

The Hubble Space Telescope has shown two giant galaxies locked in the “arms” of the universe,media reported. These images show the early stages of the “meet” between the two galaxies and highlight the chaotic effects that gravity can have on the largest scale imaginable.

A great deal of matter in the universe attracts other matter. This simple fact can be used to explain some of the most incredible processes that have taken place in the universe. Hubble, for example, recently captured the incredibly large galaxies that attract each other to each other, often with dramatic consequences.

Hubble captured the moment two large galaxies ,250 million light-years away, collectively known as Arp 293, showed “cosmic waltz.” The galaxy on the left, called NGC 6285, is being slowly deformed by the “dance partner”. A small amount of gas and other matter is dragged away from the outer region of the disk, distorting and blurring the appearance of the disk. The galaxy on the right is known as NGC 6286.

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