Tesla’s new patent exposure: Use lasers to clean vehicle glass

Tesla recently filed a new patent that could use an on-board laser system to clean the front and rear windshields and cameras, and even remove debris from the roof solar panel. It is reported that the system is using the high energy of the laser to achieve. When the car’s sensor detects a stain on the glass, the laser emits a high-energy beam that burns the stains on the glass and roof, thus keeping the glass clean.

Tesla's new patent exposure: Use lasers to clean vehicle glass

The patent map filed by Tesla shows that it will install laser launchers on the front bonnet, left and right front wings, and B-pillars of the Tesla Model S to clean glass and front-side cameras.

In addition, Tesla mentioned using the technology to remove debris from glass and glass-like coatings on photovoltaic solar panels. Because any substance that covers the solar panel sits on the solar panel slowers the direct sunlight, which in turn reduces the amount of power generated by the panel.

But Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously doubted the use of lasers in vehicles. And there is a lot of doubt about whether carmakers really need lidar sensors to develop truly self-driving cars.

And back in April, Musk said publicly at a Tesla event that “anyone who relies on lidar in the field of self-driving cars is doomed to failure.” “For now, though, Musk has found new applications for lasers in vehicles.

And in the current electric car field, Tesla is undoubtedly the big brother in the tram field. And its application to new technologies is also very radical.

In the months leading up to this year, Tesla introduced a “one-click call” feature that allows the car to automatically drive to the owner’s back when the owner’s phone and Tesla sedan are within 45 meters. There is no doubt that Tesla’s self-driving car remains one of the best-experienced brands in the market today.

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