Deciphering the oldest recipes

A group of international scholars who are proficient in culinary history, food science and cuneiform writing are trying to unearth some of the world’s oldest recipes. It’s a culinary archaeological study that uses the Babylonian Collection collection at Yale University to gain a deeper understanding of that culture through taste. Yale’s collection of three slabs dates back to around 1730 B.C. and the fourth is about 1,000 years later.

All slates come from the Mesopotamia region (including Babylon and Assyria, which is present-day Iraq, south and north of Baghdad, plus parts of Syria and Turkey).

Deciphering the oldest recipesDeciphering the oldest recipes

Of the earlier three slates, the most complete was a list of 25 stews and broths, and the other two contained more than 10 recipes with recipe instructions and presentation suggestions, but all were broken, so it wasn’t clear.

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