“Yoda Baby” drinksoup emoji bag popular or replace “Komi frog tea” into a new meme

According tomedia CNET, “Baby Yoda” from Disney’s new play, The Mandalorian, has already reaped a large number of Star Wars powder hearts. In the latest episode, which aired on Friday, the show’s undisputed “Red Man” looked like the best ever offer edified “Baby Yoda”: the cute “Baby Yoda” drinking a bowl of soup.

You’ve probably seen kermit the Frog’s tea-drinking emoji bag, which usually includes some text and the words, “But it’s none of my business”?

One Twitter user said: “Baby Yoda and its soup are a new tea meme. “

Sometimes, images are edited to turn soup into more familiar tea.

Others use images to think about the complexity of space “soup”. A person familiar with the situation said: “Baby Yoda’s soup suggests the existence of space soup. “

Another Twitter user wrote: “Please don’t disturb me when I watch my story. “

“Baby Yoda” drinking soup even inspired some thought. One Twitter user wrote: “We all fall in love with Baby Yoda because the birth rate for newborns has been low because our children will grow up in terrible circumstances.” “

The next episode of The Mandalorian son will air on Disney Plus on December 6.

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