360 Home Safety Brain Official release: 16-channel HD Video Real-Time Analysis

Last May, 360 released the AI-era Safe Brain. “At present, there are only two companies in the world that can do safe brains, one is Google and the other is us, ” Mr. Zhou said in an internal letter. “On October 28th, 360 officially released “360 Home Safety Brain”, a edge computing device built for home security scenes through leading computer intelligent vision, multi-dimensional sensor fusion, multi-machine cross-mirror collaboration technology.


Officially, 360 Home Safety Brain is a video analytics system designed for home users, based on a powerful deep learning algorithm, through the scene rule engine, security event intelligent rating, automatic screening out of suspicious content that needs attention, providing easy-to-use mobile phone APP, can receive security incident alerts anytime, anywhere, View the family situation, easy to operate, direct information!

Compared to security personnel, no fatigue, no snooze, early warning, 7 x 24 hours to protect the family safety.


In general, 10-channel cameras can meet the general needs of outdoor security, and 360 home safety brain can meet the 16-channel HD video real-time analysis.

It also supports advanced AI layered intelligent calling technology that can mark what to wear, tall or short and fat or thin, whether to wear a mask, wear a hat, wear glasses and other subtle features, so that a high degree of recognition of memory.

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