Behind PS5: Xbox Developer Suite is not yet widely used

Despite the many reports about Sony’s PlayStation 5 developer tools, Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett kit for developers is still quite rare. As can be seen from leaked spy and rendering images, ps5 developer hardware features a fairly exaggerated irregular V-shaped cooling duct and front panel. As for Project Scarlett, Tom Warren of themedia TheVerge can only “briefly mention a couple of words.”

Behind PS5: Xbox Developer Suite is not yet widely used

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Obviously, Microsoft is quite careful to provide a portion of the development kit to first-party developers (for teams like Turn10). Project Scarlett may not be ready for the first phase of the rollout for backward compatibility reasons.

“Almost noone owns Project Scarlett’s development kit, and it’s far from the final version,” Tom Warren said on Twitter.

Behind PS5: Xbox Developer Suite is not yet widely used

Microsoft may not want to repeat the same process as when the Xbox One was released in 2013, when it wanted to support a powerful gaming system that supported 4K 60FPS, 1080p 120FPS, and even 4K 120FPS, but it was clearly not going well.

Of course, even without a formal development kit, developers may already be making games for the next generation of Xbox, such as testing the approximate performance with an equally scaled-down AMD Zen architecture processor and Navi GPU platform.

Xbox Project Scarlett – E3 2019 – Reveal Trailer (via)

The Xbox Development Kit (XDK) offers great versatility and flexibility, allowing developers to create streaming gaming experiences for Xbox consoles, Windows 10 PCs, and even the newly released Project xCloud cloud platform.

Unfortunately, Tom Warren says XDK is not ready yet. The good news is that Project Scarlett will strive for full backward compatibility, including the new Platform for First Generation Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Scan.

Referring to the previous Project Scorpio roadmap, Microsoft is expected to start talking about the details of the development suite six months before its official launch. This means we may have to wait another six months to learn more about project features at Project Scarlett.

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