TSMC surpasses Samsung for the first time: Asia’s most valuable listed technology company?

What are the most valuable tech companies in Asia? In a recent report, Fortune said it labeled the answer “tsmc”. The value is judged by “market value”, with TSMC’s latest market capitalisation of T$8.02 trillion , surpassing Samsung for the first time.

TSMC surpasses Samsung for the first time: Asia's most valuable listed technology company?

TSMC is now Asia’s most valuable company for a number of reasons.

First, they give customers the flexibility to choose any manufacturing node, whether it’s the latest 7nm or 180nm old manufacturing nodes. In addition, TSMC is reinvesting most of its profits in research and development to remain competitive and deliver the best technology to its customers in a timely manner.

The third reason to become Asia’s largest company is that TSMC builds a loyal customer base. No matter what size they place, TSMC’s services will not be distorted or discounted.

PS: In fact, strictly speaking, Tencent, Ali’s market value is far above TSMC, do not know why they can have this award, can they only count as “Internet” companies, not technology companies?

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