Mars at Dawn: Fascinating and Familiar

According tomedia reports, Mars is a barren and dry planet, while the earth we live in is rich in water environment is showing vitality. But NASA seems to have found one thing in common between two very different planets — with beautiful dawns. NASA’s latest images are understood to show dawn light passing through the Gale Crater crater.

Mars at Dawn: Fascinating and Familiar

NASA’s Doug Ellison shared this image on Twitter, “Gale Crater at Dawn.” This is one of the most beautiful pictures I was fortunate to be asked to take. “

Mars at Dawn: Fascinating and Familiar

Ellison, a self-proclaimed Mars photographer, says he and his team of scientists and the rover’s drivers work together to get the camera in the right direction.

On Saturday, they took the picture using curiosity’s navigation camera to the right. In the photo, the faint sunlight shines on the edge of the picture and illuminates the landscape around the detector.

The amazing thing about this photo is that it looks like it’s looking at a picture taken on Earth.

The Gale Crater is known to be Curiosity’s “home” on Mars, where it can see cliffs, hills, towering Mount Sharp and much more in this fascinating land. The probe has been exploring the land since it landed in 2012.

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