tibet Airlines Airbus aircraft glass cracks, emergency landed for Guiyang

A flight from Sanya to Chengdu on Sunday was in danger in the air, with cracks in the cockpit windshield and an eventual emergency landing at Guiyang Airport. According to a statement issued by Tibet Airlines Co., Ltd., on October 27, at about 19:00, the TV9822 Sanya-Chengdu flight (B-8420, Airbus A330-243E) was over the Nanning area, and the right front windshield glass in the cockpit cracked.

Units in accordance with the normal procedures of disposal, at 19:31 safely landed at Guiyang Longdong Fort Airport. At 20:08, the ground service department carried out accommodation and accommodation for the passengers on board. At present, the aircraft is in the process of scheduling, the passengers on board will take a follow-up shift to the destination.

西藏航空空客飞机玻璃出现裂纹 紧急备降贵阳

The aircraft involved was the Airbus A330-243E, a medium- and long-range wide-body aircraft produced by Airbus, developed at the same time as the four-engine A340, according to Wikipedia. Airbus intends to put the A330 on the ETOPS market, a standard first approved by Boeing’s Boeing 767, which is also a member of the 777.

In addition to the number of engines, the a330’s wings and fuselage are almost the same shape as the A340 to reduce the airline’s training costs. In terms of the body, the design is taken from the A300, but its cab and telex manipulation are taken from the A320.

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