Japan strengthens photoresist control Japan’s big factory JSR considers South Korea plant to bypass restrictions

On July 4th and August 7th, the Japanese government launched a two-wave ban on the export of important materials to South Korea, with the first wave of sanctions on photoresist, fluoride polyamide and hydrogen fluoride being the most critical, crucial to semiconductor and panel production, and Samsung,SK Hynix and other companies relying on imports of Japanese materials.

Japan strengthens photoresist control Japan's big factory JSR considers South Korea plant to bypass restrictions

The Japanese government has not severely restricted the death of South Korea, reported in August that Japan approved the export of EUV photoresist to South Korea, and later that month approved a batch, which is expected to meet the use of South Korea’s Samsung company for 6-8 months.

Not only are South Korean companies unhappy with such government sanctions, but the interests of Japanese companies are also greatly affected, as South Korea is one of the world’s largest semiconductor producers, with Samsung andSK Hynix controlling more than 50 percent of the world’s flash memory, more than 75 percent of memory production and importing a lot of Japanese raw materials.

In other words, South Korean companies such as Samsung are also Japanese raw material exporters, and the Japanese government wants to use them to card South Korea’s neck, but the interests of Japanese companies are also being hurt.

If this situation can not be alleviated, Japanese companies also want to worry, recently news that Japanese photo-founding company JSR has taken into account the South Korean plant to bypass the Japanese government restrictions.

Japan JSR is the world’s largest photoresist factory, accounting for 24% of the global share, but also Samsung,SK Hynix imports the main source of photoresist, but because of the current restrictions, resulting in JSR can not normally export photoresist to Samsung, which has a south Korean plant plan.

But the matter has not been completely finalized, JSR to share their plans with Samsung, and ultimately whether to build a plant will have to wait for official confirmation.

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