HMD Global or announcenew Nokia 5G smartphone at Qualcomm Summit

According tomedia reports, Qualcomm is expected to release a new mid-range Snapdragon 735 5G SoC product at the upcoming Dragon Summit, supporting a number of affordable 5G devices in the industry, including the legendary Nokia 8.2. Juho Sarvikas, HMD Global’s Chief Procurement Officer, announced that the company will announce its own 5G equipment plans at the Qualcomm Dragon Summit on December 3-6. In addition to the Dragon 735 for the mid-market, Qualcomm will also launch the Snapdragon 865 flagship new product.

HMD Global or announcenew Nokia 5G smartphone at Qualcomm Summit

(Screenshot via 91Mobiles)

Previously, HMD Global has confirmed that it is developing a new product for the affordable Nokia 5G smartphone. And the arrival of the Qualcomm Dragon 735 5G SoC, or the 2020 smartphone market.

It is reported that the new Nokia 5G smart machine is expected to reduce the threshold by half, that is, between 500 to 650 dollars (about 3520 to 4580 RMB). The Nokia 8.2 is expected to be the first device to adopt the Dragon 735 5G SoC, which will be available on December 5.

In terms of configuration, the Nokia 8.2 is said to be equipped with a 32MP pop-up front camera with a 64MP rear master, running the Android 10 mobile operating system (or part of Android One), and selling for about 35,000 rupees ($500 / 3500 RMB).

For more details about the aircraft, please also be patient and wait for the December 5 event announcement. At the same time, other manufacturers are actively promoting their new 5G product programs, such as brands such as Realme and Xiaomi, which are expected to bring more affordable 5G device options to markets such as India.

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