Leakers say AirPods Pro will be released later this week

In the past few weeks, a growing number of AirPods leaks have shown that Apple is preparing to release the next generation of wireless AirPods headsets that are designed to be different from their original models and have new features. Leakers claim the product will be pro, meaning the AirPods Pro should be more expensive than regular AirPods with wireless charging cases, and the release should be later this week.

泄露者称AirPods Pro将于本周晚些时候发布

Apple is widely expected to hold a press conference in late October to unveil new products, including the Mac Pro, the 16-inch MacBook Pro, the new iPad Pro and the new AirPods, but the truth is not. Apple has yet to issue a media invitation, a move that means the company won’t hold a second press conference this fall. All of the above products may be quietly posted on the official website.

But leaker Ben Geskin said Apple was preparing for a limited-scale press conference, which would introduce airPods Pro to select media members.

The information comes from an anonymous source and, if accurate, AirPods Pro will be officially released on Tuesday or Wednesday. The launch in late October could mean that the AirPods Pro will be available in stores in time for Christmas, perhaps as early as next weeks.

As for the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the 2019 iPad Pro, whatever the rumors, it’s not certain that they will be available this year. Apple updated the MacBook Pro and Air series earlier this year and announced a new version of the iPad at an iPhone event in mid-September.

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