Australia is using AI cameras to identify drivers using mobile phones while driving

Despite the dangers and possible legal consequences, many people still use their smartphonewhile, although most people don’t use it. In New South Wales, Australia, authorities may have come up with a solution: the first use of AI-based mobile phone detection cameras. Transport for NSW said the stationary and mobile cameras would work around the clock in all weather conditions to identify drivers using mobile phones.

The system uses artificial intelligence to determine if someone behind the steering wheel is on the phone, and if a picture is found to show someone breaking the law in this way, the capture image will be reviewed by humans.

“It’s a culture-changing system,” Assistant Commissioner michael Corboy of the state police told Australian media last week. ”

Australia is using AI cameras to identify drivers using mobile phones while driving

Over the next three years, 45 portable smart detection cameras will be installed across the state. Drivers who use their phones for arrest will only receive warnings for the first three months, but after that they will be fined A$344 ($233) and five points with a driver’s licence, and more trouble if caught in a school area, with a fine of A$457 ($309) and a 10-point deduction.

So far this year, 329 people have died in mobile phone-related accidents on NSW roads. Independent modeling shows that the newly acquired cameras can prevent at least 100 fatal and serious injuries within five years. But the worry is that drivers could go to court for failing to comply with the AI system’s sentence, leaving judges busy.

As in other parts of Australia, making calls while driving in NSW is only legal when using a Bluetooth hands-free kit.

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