In short supply Samsung still plans to expand Galaxy Fold market

Samsung is planning to expand sales of its Galaxy Fold to 60 countries because of strong demand. From December to February 2020, Samsung will continue to sell Galaxy Fold to more than 30 countries and territories, and expects to sell more than 500,000 units. “In countries where we don’t release the Galaxy Fold, there are a lot of mobile operators and users who want us to expand the Galaxy Fold to their region because the foldable phones attract a lot of attention,” said a senior Samsung executive. ”

The senior added that Vietnam, Brazil, New Zealand, Chile, Italy, the Netherlands and Greece would all be the new markets in their sights.

In short supply Samsung still plans to expand Galaxy Fold market

Since its launch in South Korea in September, Samsung has gradually expanded its Galaxy Fold sales in countries and regions. It is currently available in 29 countries and regions, including South Korea, the United States, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Although the Galaxy Fold is expensive, it usually sells out in a matter of minutes. Since it was the first folding phone, it also attracted the attention of early users in many countries. Domestically, when the Galaxy Fold went on sale in November, it took just two seconds to sell out.

Just because global consumers are responding positively to the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has decided to expand to more countries and regions, even though it is still limited-supply.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, Samsung is expected to unveil a vertically foldable hatchback phone and push the Galaxy Fold’s successor in the second half of next year.

Previously, in October, Samsung released some details of the cover phone, saying it would be thinner and more compact than the Galaxy Hand, making it easy to fit in its pocket.

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