Boeing to invite experts to visit plant for 737 Max re-flying

Boeing will this week invite airline members, experts and analysts to its Seattle-area plant to outline its plans to bring the troubled 737 Max back into the blue sky after two fatal crashes. The aircraft maker is trying to get regulatory approval to return to flight, a process Boeing hopes to complete by December, but regulators have repeatedly insisted they have “no timetable” for the deal.

Boeing to invite experts to visit plant for 737 Max re-flying

In the past five months, the Boeing 737 Max has been hit by two crashes that have killed 346 people. Since mid-March, the Boeing aircraft has been grounded around the world.

Boeing will receive invitees (excluding the media) on Tuesday and Wednesday and brief executives, according to an invitation seen by the media. The invitation includes a visit to the Boeing Aircraft Delivery Center in Renton and its 737 Max production facility, as well as air fares and hotel costs.

As the 737 Max series is grounded around the world for its 10th month, it is Boeing’s latest attempt to win public support and rebuild public trust. The suspension of the aircraft has cost airlines hundreds of millions of dollars and limited their growth plans.

In addition to industry analysts, the invitees included representatives of flight attendants. The American Flight Association, which represents United Airlines, Alaska Airlines and other airline crews, will send a member, according to a spokesman.

Boeing has developed software fixes for the plane after flight control software was incorrectly activated and repeatedly pushed the plane’s head down, but regulators have yet to approve it.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it would take the unusual step of inspecting and signing each aircraft one by one before it was delivered to the airline.

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