The first season of “The Witcher” TV series doesn’t tell all the stories of the first novel

Fans of the Wizarding series may have been watching Netflix’s upcoming usenos show The Witcher lately, but it’s already known that the TV series “The Witcher” is actually a novel-based adaptation, not a CD Projekt Red game. So how much will the first season of “The Witcher” have? According to an interview, the first season did not finish the first novel story.

Recently,media interviewed the executive producer of the TV series “The Witcher” and asked how much of the first season of the novel “The Witchhunt” content. The other side responded, although “The Witcher” used a large number of original “The Witch” first short story collection ,” the last wish, but not all of the story.

Executive producer Tomek Bagi ski revealed. In fact, the short story collection The Last Wish has more content than the eight episodes of the first season of TELEVISION, and producers are very careful to choose which stories to tell. Because the TV series not only has to choose the right story to tell the main character, Gerlot, but also to provide the background for Yenifa and Sili, the TV series needs to shape these two important roles earlier.

The TV series “The Witcher” will air on Netflix on December 20.

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