Hanging around your neck to get rid of bacteria? Japan has another IQ tax product to steal money.

Autumn and winter season, the temperature is always wavering, especially in some southern regions, overnight can have a “spring to winter” change. Adults are good, but children’s immunity is low, it is easy because of this changeable weather caught cold, fever, diarrhea and other diseases, parents in order to give children disease prevention is also to do their best.

This year, the network suddenly caught up a “demystifying card” of the Japanese net red products, the seller introduced, as long as the wearing of this “demycocci card” can play a sterilizing effect around the body. Even some more exaggerated statement, claiming that “demystifying card” can not only prevent pollen, but also eliminate the air PM2.5 and formaldehyde, decomposition of smoke and so on, can be said to be quite magical, properly a “mobile golden bell cover” …

Perhaps impressed parents want to protect their children’s hearts, such a “sterilised card” so that many treasure moms are moved, and even once let Japan’s bacteriological card products appear to buy waste. So, is this kind of product really reliable? No! It’s not good at all!

In fact, similar to the “Japanese bacteriological card” products, from last year to now there are many experts through experiments to tell everyone that this thing is “IQ tax.” Although look at the name, look at the publicity, this “demystifying card” is a very magical thing, but in fact, the ingredients are only common in our daily life of chlorine dioxide.

Indeed, chlorine dioxide is internationally recognized as a safe, non-toxic green disinfectant, its closest to life is the disinfection of tap water. The principle is that chlorine dioxide can react to viruses, bacteria, molds, and odors after oxidation, altering its molecular structure and damaging function, thus “killing” bacteria and viruses.

Hanging around your neck to get rid of bacteria? Japan has another IQ tax product to steal money.

However, through further experiments found that the demystifying card contains too low chlorine dioxide components, generally a card only contains about 3g of chlorine dioxide. Studies have shown that 60g to 150g bottles of chlorine dioxide in a small area of closed rooms, valid for only one month. Therefore, hanging around the neck of a containing 3g of chlorine dioxide “demystifying card” can play a role in any environment, can play the role of sterilizing, sterilization and so on, and can also effectively inhibit bacteria for two or three months, that is simply nonsense.

Perhaps some people will say, that card contains a little more not it? It’s not that simple, you know, chlorine dioxide is a yellow-green irritating smell, and if you increase its concentration to a sterilizing level, the card-wearer is already smouldering by a pungent smell.

In addition to the experts’ experiments, even CCTV has reported that Japan’s debacer cards have no effect on the news. Yao Yanchun, an expert at the China Institute of Household Appliances and the Biotechnology Analysis and Testing Center, has also said that the anti-bacterial and sterilizing effect steamed by wearing a bacteriological card is basically zero. At the same time, most demystifying cards also contain sodium chlorate and sodium hypochlorite and other substances that have safety hazards, such as sodium chlorate in contact with water is prone to explosion, and sodium hypochlorite is often in contact with the skin will also be harmful, if there is free chlorine gas, more likely to cause human poisoning.

Hanging around your neck to get rid of bacteria? Japan has another IQ tax product to steal money.

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Although experts continue to experiment with external rumors, CCTV also came out to fight fraud, but the debacle card in the market still exists trading information. We search from Taobao for the word “demysis card”, pop up a variety of products marked “New Zealand debacer card”, “Japanese import protection card” and other titles, the price is common in the tens to two hundred yuan or so. As for sales, even in today’s day, the sale of sterilised cards in e-commerce is still hot.

Hanging around your neck to get rid of bacteria? Japan has another IQ tax product to steal money.

The so-called sterilised card, nothing but treasure moms to protect the child’s mind, as well as psychological role. To really protect children’s health, we must start from life, first at home to create a clean and healthy environment. In addition to the usual home visible ground garbage hygiene needs to be regularly cleaned, the air can not see the dust, bacteria should also pay attention. In the face of invisible air waste, we can choose a reliable air purifier to help clean.

And for some children often come into contact with furniture, such as sofas, tables and other places, we also often need to disinfect and sterilize, of course, if every time to take alcohol or something to scrub is undoubtedly very inconvenient, so we can also selectively use some steam mop type products, now with the progress of science and technology, Many steam mops on the market can actually help our team sofas, chairs and other disinfection cleaning, it works by using high temperature drag, high temperature steam cleaning, to a certain extent can reduce bacterial infection.

Summary: Net red products can not be credulous, especially some from the publicity has been spread out of its skills of the product is more careful. Sometimes we want to give the child better protection, and buy some extraordinary products, in fact, not for the child’s good, but may harm him. Finally, remind you that the “IQ tax” paid is not paid again.

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