Taiyuan 38 courier brother won the junior title evaluation intermediate title need to issue papers

According to Shanxi Taiyuan Municipal Postal Administration news, recently, by the Taiyuan Municipal Postal Administration organization declaration, Taiyuan City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau approved, the city’s first batch of 38 “express brother” was awarded a junior title certificate. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that this year, the country has been carrying out a number of express staff title assessment, the highest can be rated as a senior engineer.

Taiyuan 38 courier brother won the junior title evaluation intermediate title need to issue papers

However, the current “express project” title review is not only for couriers, but the entire courier industry, so the proportion of first-line couriers to get the title is not high, to obtain the title of the express logistics enterprise’s administrative or management personnel.

Express industry evaluation of intermediate titles need to issue papers

Beiqing reporter understand, this time, Taiyuan city express industry a total of 190 people apply to participate in the express project review, including the logistics professional qualified 38 express brother through the Human Society Bureau to confirm the junior title, express work experience less than 3 years of the other 30 people will be in two years through the First confirmation of the Human Society Bureau to obtain the junior title. Taiyuan Postal Administration staff said that in the future will work through more “express brother” to obtain the professional title of express delivery.

It is reported that Shanxi registration express professional, junior title evaluation work needs to have certain conditions, “the city’s postal industry, engaged in equipment engineering, network engineering, information engineering and other express professional and technical work, and meet the conditions for the declaration of evaluation of personnel; In the city work for more than 1 year outside the city express engineering professional and technical personnel” can register to participate in the title evaluation.

In terms of academic qualifications, the declaration assistant engineer is the junior title, must have the professional or similar professional secondary school education and above, the declaration engineer is the intermediate title, must have the professional or similar professional college education and above.

Beiqing reporter noted that the assessment of the junior title on the need to issue papers do not require, but if the assessment of intermediate titles, “declaration engineers must be appointed as assistant engineers during the period, published academic papers or write more than 2 professional and technical reports.” Among them, the number of words per professional and technical report is more than 2000 words, and academic papers must be independent or published in the first author’s capacity in the public publication of the professional academic journal, the number of words is not less than 2000 words.

First-line couriers get the job title proportion is not high

Beiqing reporter December 2 from Shanxi Zhongtong Express customer service staff Li Yiqun learned that she is one of the employees who got the express professional junior title, “Taiyuan’s junior title requirement is a college graduate, work for three years, or graduated from the undergraduate work for one year, the current Postal Administration only through logistics management professional, It will take some time for the junior titles of non-logistics management professionals to be acquired.”

Miao Kai is the director of the Taiyuan Jinmao network of Zhongtong Express, he told the North Qing Newspaper reporter, he is 2016 began to engage in this work, initially is an ordinary courier, in this express professional title review to obtain the junior title. Miao Kai said: “I think everyone to participate in this review of the idea is similar, on the one hand, the community gave the logistics industry affirmation, gave us this group of first-line employees confidence; “

According to Li Yiqun, because the review work is not completely completed, the company has not yet issued specific and wage combination measures, but the future wages and bonuses should be increased, in terms of promotion of personnel, the title is also an important reference.

News Extension

Zhejiang has been senior title express is not “big old rough” industry

Beiqing reporter learned that, in addition to Shanxi Taiyuan, since this year, the country has been carried out for the “express brother” title, the title range for “express project”, for the logistics express industry.

In July 2019, Zhejiang Province express industry senior engineer qualification committee held the first evaluation meeting, after the expert group review, 7 personnel were the first batch of zhejiang province express industry senior engineer qualification, including equipment engineering professional 2, information engineering professional 2, network engineering professional 3.

According to the Shandong Provincial Postal Administration on November 13 news, Shandong Province express industry, intermediate technical personnel title evaluation work completely ended, less than a week, there are 6036 people registered, and finally 3414 courier workers received the express project, intermediate level certificate, of which 1826 people passed the intermediate title evaluation, Awarded engineer title. At present, Shandong Province express engineering title evaluation of the second phase of the senior title review work is in progress.

The former secretary-general of the China Express Association, Yu Zhonglin, said that now the express industry practitioners around the job title assessment is a positive thing, “before many people would think that the express industry is’ Big old rough ‘ industry, but in fact, China’s express work has long been from labor-intensive to technology-intensive transformation, so there is also an urgent need for a variety of talent, and retain talent. He said, “The courier staff for the title assessment, can let everyone have a direction of efforts to make the entire express industry more healthy development.” “

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