Even the packaging is so original, Motorola’s foldable phone Razr 2019 is out of the box

At a new launch last month, the reborn Motorola Razr appeared in front of us as a collapsible device, and themedia Slash Gear spoke out after the scene. The combination of the classic flip phone and the collapsible screen gives the user a unique mobile experience, and its packaging is unique, unlike the packaging of mainstream phones.

Unlike the block shape of the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy Note 11, the Razr 2019 is packaged with an upright shape and a transparent lid. You can see your phone before you open the package. The entire package is similar to a coffee grinder, lifting the upper part to reveal a mobile phone in an curved tilted base.

Even the packaging is so original, Motorola's foldable phone Razr 2019 is out of the box

The bottom of the package can be used as razr’s stand, and the side of the base is dotted with small holes in the speaker grille, so the volume can be amplified when playing music. Although not up to the level of a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker, this base can amplify some volume and bring some fun to your use.

In addition to Motorola Razr and its special boxes, you also get:

Razr wired earbuds with USB-C plug

Protective case

TurboPower wall charger

USB-C cable

Headphone jack to USB-C adapter

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