China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: New energy vehicle sales will reach about 25% by 2025

On the morning of December 3, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicly solicited opinions on the New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035) (draft for comments). The plan mentions that by 2025, the competitiveness of the new energy vehicle market will be significantly improved, and major breakthroughs will be made in key technologies such as power batteries, drive power and on-board operating systems. New energy vehicle new car sales accounted for about 25%, smart net-linked car sales accounted for 30%, highly self-driving intelligent network car to achieve limited area and specific scenecommercial applications.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: New energy vehicle sales will reach about 25% by 2025

The Plan calls for an average power consumption of new vehicles for pure electric passenger cars to be reduced to 12.0 kWh/100 km by 2025, and for new passenger cars with plug-in hybrids (including additional programs) to be reduced to 2.0 litres/100 km.

The Plan proposes to promote the integration and development of industry, including the integration of new energy vehicles and energy, transportation and information and communication, and to strengthen standard docking and data sharing.

The Plan says tax incentives such as the purchase tax on new energy vehicles should be improved. Local governments are encouraged to increase support for vehicle operation in public services, shared travel and other fields, and to give preferential policies such as access and use of new energy vehicles. Starting from 2021, all new vehicles will be added or renewed in the public areas of the national ecological civilization test area and the key areas of air pollution prevention and control. To formulate specific measures to integrate research and development investment in new energy vehicles into the appraisal system of state-owned enterprises.

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