Riot sex discrimination lawsuit results: $10 million to female employees who have been in work since 2014

The previously sorored case of Riot sexism has finally come to fruition, with the Los Angeles Times reporting that Riot Games will collectively pay $10 million in damages to female employees employed by the company over the past five years(since 2014). Lawyers for the plaintiffs say it is one of the largest sex discrimination lawsuits in California history.

Fist sex discrimination lawsuit results: $10 million to female employees who have been in work since 2014

A copy of the proposed settlement obtained by kotaku, amedia outlet, states that each participant in the lawsuit will receive a certain amount of money, depending on “their tenure, time and status as employees”. One reason for this huge compensation was to make up for the huge difference in the wages of men and women in the company, as determined by the plaintiff’s lawyers.

Last year, Riot took several steps to ease its culture of sexism, including overhauling its recruitment, recruitment and promotion processes, providing clearer job descriptions, firing troubled employees, introducing third-party cultural consultants and a diversity executive, appointing women to leadership positions, and providing further feedback to employees.

In August, a Riot employee toldmedia Kotaku that Riot had made real progress in tackling gender discrimination. Unfortunately, some say the real change has also been heavily criticized because of the fact that the men continue to appoint the senior male staff mentioned in the lawsuit, and that it is the men who have done so in the workplace.

One current female employee said: ‘It’s good that Riot have decided to compensate women for the abuse they have suffered here, but their comments about ‘healing the pain and moving on’ are something to look forward to. But when we face the reality that at the end of the day, the Riot are more about paying the female employees who are still here to continue working with the alleged abuser, which makes it difficult for us to heal and continue to work. “

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