Focus on the 5G era of new ecological OPPO will be held on December 10th

OPPO announced today that it will host the OPPO Future Technology Conference (OPPO INNO DAY 2019) in Shenzhen on December 10. With the integration and development of 5G, AI, cloud, big data and other technologies, the industrial ecological pattern is about to usher in change, the conference to “integration and no boundaries” as the theme, aimed at the 5G era, with the industry to focus on cutting-edge technology, services and ecology of the comprehensive “integration”, with the concept of openness and cooperation, to explore the future “no boundaries”, The symbiotic new ecology of the integration of all things.

Last year, OPPO successfully held the OPPO Science and Technology Exhibition, for enterprises to demonstrate its scientific research strength, innovation and technological breakthroughs in various fields, and through in-depth exchanges within the industry and beyond, to explore more possibilities for the development of mobile terminals.

This Future Science and Technology Conference is a further upgrade of the Science and Technology Exhibition, for the global media, analysts and industry partners and other broad audiences, based on 5G, AR, Internet of Things and other technical fields, the latest OPPO for personal future technology and industrial ecological development of the latest insights and exploration results, and with industry partners to carry out in-depth exchanges, Explore the vision of future technology development.

Focus on the 5G era of new ecological OPPO will be held on December 10th

At that time, OPPO will invite a number of industry experts, partners, opinion leaders to discuss and look forward to the 5G era of science and technology life, and will set up on-site patents, innovative products and other technology exhibition areas, a comprehensive display of OPPO cutting-edge technology and user scenarios combined with the integration of ecology.

On December 10th, the curtain will begin on the future of the melting scene of all things. For more information about OPPO Future Technology Conference 2019, visit

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