Diablo 4 CG summoners confirms Rasma

After Blizzard unveiled Diablo 4 at this year’s carnival, many players began speculating about the identity of the summoner in the CG video, some said, to Lasma, the son of Lilith and the archangel Inaris, but others said it was wrong. Recently, YouTube user TeKo confirmed through a CG video analysis that the summoner was Rasma, the first dead-spirited wizard in the sanctuary.

Diablo 4 CG summoners hammer for Rasma foreign players

TeKo downloaded the CG animation file in the Blizzard Multimedia Library and imported it into the video editing software. You can see that this animation by blizzard artists and engineers adds a lot of notes to get an idea of what each other is working on.

Video viewing:

These comments are not removed in the film, most of them are meaningless, except for two, and at 15:12f of the video you can see the words “reflection of the in-cleric rathma’s eyes ( a reflection of the priest in Rasma’s eyes) ” at 15:12f of the video.

Diablo 4 CG summoners hammer for Rasma foreign players

At 21:12f, you can also see the words “reflection of rathma in cleric’s eyes” (a reflection of Rasma in the priest’s eyes).

Diablo 4 CG summoners hammer for Rasma foreign players

The man who can summon Lilith in the HAMMER CG video is Rasma. Rasma, including the priest, introduced three people to the Chamber of Call, completed the calling ceremony with the blood of the three in the mantra of the priest, and summoned his mother, The Devil, Lilith to the shelter, to seek her help.

It can be determined that decades have passed between three and four generations. In the second-generation drama, Tyrrell destroys the stone of the world, although it promotes the awakening of the forces of The Heavenly Nature in the third-generation story, but also leaves a hidden danger. The loss of the stone of the world after the shelter, in these decades must have happened, forcing Rasma had to turn to his mother Lilith for help, looking for refuge after the loss of the stone of the world to solve the problem.

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