AMD’s new Renoir APU may be powered by vega GPU with frequencies up to 1.75GHz

As Renoir APU, the next-generation APU scheduled for release early next year, gets closer and closer, we can also learn from various sources that there is more and more information about it, such as last week’s AIDA64 update. More recently, it appeared in SiSoftware’s database, and the detailed specifications of its graphics core were leaked.

AMD's new Renoir APU may be powered by vega GPU with frequencies up to 1.75GHz

Judging from the screenshots given by this twitter user @TUM_APISAK, the next generation of Renoir APU should have a product with eight CU unit GPUs, and its GPU core frequency will be as high as 1.75GHz, which is much higher than the 1200/1250MHz used by the Ryzen 33200, which is also equipped with eight CU units, which should make it a lot better. Memory support is still a dual-channel DDR4, but it is not possible to assume that Renoir will not support LPDDR4X memory with higher bandwidth.

On top of the existing Radeon RX 5700 series, the GPU frequencies run at a very high frequency, and 1.75GHz is not difficult for it. This part is the result of architecture optimization, but the process bonus should be more obvious, so it’s hard to say how the original frequency can’t run up the Vega core after a different process frequency performance, after all, the same 7nm-based Radeon VII above the Vega The 20 core is up to 1.75GHz.

According to previous information, the new Renoir APU may carry up to 15 sets of CU units of the Vega core, at least one using 12 sets of CU APU can be said to have been identified. The next-generation APU, which is likely to carry up to eight Zen 2 cores, a full Zen 2 CCD, looks like it’s going to be very powerful, at least much better than the current Zen/Vega-based APU.

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