Kail Linux adds ‘undercover mode’ to Windows 10 interface to confuse others

Kail Linux is typically a favorite operating system for security and penetration workers, and the pre-built Dragon logo desktop makes the operating system look unique. However, most people are used to Windows or macOS operating systems, so using Kail Linux in the office or in public may seem suspicious.

After all, we may be wary or even afraid of things we don’t know or are familiar with, so Kail Linux can cause the same problem in public.

Based on this new “undercover mode” for the operating system in the latest version, the overall interface of the operating system looks the same as Windows 10 when the mode is turned on.

Kail Linux adds 'undercover mode' to Windows 10 interface to confuse others

What is the undercover mode and why it is used:

The operating system project team says in a blog post that if you work in public, you may not want the unique Kail Linux to attract attention and suspicion.

To do this, the new undercover mode can change the theme of the operating system and simulate Windows 10, which looks like you’re using Windows 10.

This allows users to continue to use some advanced tools for penetration or testing without attention, and to switch back to the default topic when they return to the private environment.

Although this Windows 10 theme looks rough, it even comes in a File Explorer style, which is perfectly adequate to confuse the average user.

How to turn undercover mode on and off:

To use undercover mode is premised on the system version must be in Kail Linux 2019.04 and above, and the release of the release at the end of November allows users to upgrade the new version first.

After the upgrade, open the terminal manager and then execute the kail-undercover command to turn on undercover mode, after turning on the system interface such as Windows 10 system.

Re-execute the command in Windows 10 to switch back to the original theme, or search directly for the command in the Start menu to execute it.

For more updates on Kail Linux 2019.04 Please visit the official blog: http://www.kali.org/news/kali-linux-2019-4-release/

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