Get official Xbox license Kingston release HyperX CloudX Flight wireless headset

Kingston gaming brand HyperX is known for catering to PC gamers. Today, the company launched the CloudX Flight wireless headset for console gamers, designed for xbox One. It’s not a new product. It’s just an Xbox version of an existing Cloud Flight headset that gives users the same specs and 30 hours of battery life, but it looks sleek green with the HyperX logo.

CloudX Flight takes comfort to the next level with a durable adjustable steel slider on its headband and HyperX’s signature memory foam. CloudX Flight offers a closed cup design with a 50mm drive to provide immersive in-game audio and a 90-degree rotary earcup with built-in controls that allow users to adjust LED effects, microphone mute, power and volume. HyperX says a removable polar capacitor noise-cancelling microphone with LED mute indicators provides clear voice communication during conversations or chats with teammates.

CloudX Flight is TeamSpeak and Discord certified and compatible with Skype and Mumble. CloudX Flight uses a 2.4 GHz wireless frequency. It features a flexible faux leather and high-quality memory sponge that gives a comfortable feel, a dynamic 50mm molybdenum magnet drive that provides clear high, medium and bass, allowing users to immerse themselves in the game.

The HyperX CloudX Flight wireless gaming headset is currently available on Amazon for $159.99 and is expected to be available on November 2.

获得Xbox官方许可 金士顿发布HyperX CloudX Flight无线耳机

获得Xbox官方许可 金士顿发布HyperX CloudX Flight无线耳机

获得Xbox官方许可 金士顿发布HyperX CloudX Flight无线耳机

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