Musk says Tesla Cybertruck has crazy aerodynamics

Despite what may seem like a angular box with wheels, Tesla’s new Cybertruck electric pickup still has a lot of little-known crazy details. Over the weekend, Musk said on Twitter: “Cybertruck has incredible aerodynamics. Despite its Sebo punk look, the resistance coefficient has dropped to just 0.30” after a huge effort.

Musk says Tesla Cybertruck has crazy aerodynamics

(From: Tesla, via Cnet)

By contrast, the drag coefficient is only at 0.357, despite Fiat Chrysler’s (FCA) claiming that the 2019 Ram 1500 model has the strongest aerodynamic design.

To achieve this, fac equipped the car with active grille shutters, a removable front wind screen, and an improved air suspension system.

Musk says Tesla Cybertruck has crazy aerodynamics

Musk first took a hand in the FCA and then began touting the aerodynamic design of his own Cybertruck. The layered fluid is able to smooth the body surface, effectively reducing the drag coefficient, thanks to the flat belly of the Tesla electric pickup.

In contrast, the body of conventional trucks is “extremely irregular”, with steering parts, drive shafts, girders, and countless other components generating unwanted air resistance during travel.

Musk says Tesla Cybertruck has crazy aerodynamics

In addition, hard edges help Cybertruck improve aerodynamics and carefully guide the air around the wheels and the rear cover, which also helps reduce drag.

In the car sector, the Tesla Model 3 has a resistance factor of 0.23. In the SUV space, the company’s Model X also has the lowest drag coefficient.

Cybertruck ethels – Whats go on (via)

Finally, youTube’s Boats and Engines channel released an amusing video showing just how amazing Cybertruck is.

The demo shows that When traveling at 88 mph (about 140 km/h), Cybertruck’s drag coefficient can be as low as 0.30, in line with Tesla’s official claims.

Not to mention Cybertruck’s journey of more than 500 miles (800 km), 0-60 mph acceleration time of less than 3 seconds, and the ability to haul 14,000 pounds (6.35 tons) of weight.

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