Can you “interpret” the cat’s facial expressions? Science has found that only 13% of people are “cat speakers”

If you have a cat, can you confirm the cat’s mood based on its facial expression? To do this, researchers from the University of Guelph in Canada surveyed 6,300 participants from 85 countries and regions around the world and found that most were indistinguishable. But some people are also able to “interpret” the facial information, which researchers call “Catwhisperers.”

Can you tell the cat’s mood from your facial expression? Photo from CNET

The study asked the participants to watch 20 videos about cats,mainly from YouTube, and then answer online questionnaires. The 40 video pools used in the study showed close-up facial photos of cats in a positive or negative state, and participants had to confirm what emotional state they were in or choose to be uncertain.

Most people in a 20-point test scored 12 points. The study found that 13 percent of the participants were very good at judging emotions from the cat’s facial specifics, scoring 15 and higher. In addition, according to personnel statistics, “cat speakers” of women are higher proportions, and more likely to be veterinarians or related technicians.

The team published the results in the November issue of The Animal Welfare. In addition, developers also provide online survey tools that interested users can click on:

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