Logitech G9X mouse sold for nearly 3,000 yuan on Amazon after years of shutdown

Speaking of Logitech G9X laser game mouse, presumably many senior players are still fresh in their memories. This is Logitech in 2009 launched a wired game mouse products, because the key feel soft hardness is very suitable for the game, with “golden left key” called, suitable for a variety of large game configurations. In 2010 and 2011, this product was the hottest, albeit expensive, product. Until 2013, the e-commerce platform marked 409 yuan, are claiming to be “the bottom price of the whole network.” With so many years on, this product has been discontinued. Now, the only G9X on sale on Amazon sold for 2,928.77 yuan, forcing 3000 yuan (pure price, domestic users actually include tax to hand 3199.56 yuan).

Logitech G9X mouse sold for nearly 3,000 yuan on Amazon after years of shutdown

Logitech G9X is an upgraded version of loggy G9, equipped with the most advanced game mouse chip of the time, with an accuracy of up to 5700dpi. At the same time followed the previous generation of face-changing design, users can choose to use a wide-faced comfortable shell or hand-held sweat shell, respectively, corresponding to daily operations and high-intensity game scenes. As a game mouse, loggy G9X also supports counterweight blocks and custom counterweight systems, making it easy for players to adjust their weight.

The Logitech G9X not only has two enclosures corresponding to different use scenarios, but its rollers also have two different modes, one is frictionless scrolling, the other is precise scrolling, the same for daily operations and high-intensity games. However, the switch button at the bottom of the mouse, slightly troublesome. At that time, loggy G9X is also very powerful in software, one is the ultra-multi-setting option of the drive software setpoint, the other is the G9X built-in portable memory, can store up to 5 different sets of settings, in other machines can also be used directly.

This 10-year-old mouse product, in system compatibility, the latest is supported to Windows 7. However, for players who now want to take the product out of Amazon for 3,000 yuan, it should be not a problem to use, but a matter of feelings.

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