November Steam Statistics: Windows 7 Share DoesN Falling

Although it’s only a month and a half before Windows 7 system support is stopped, in theory more and more users will be upgrading to Windows 10, but according to data released by market research agencies, there is no drop. According to Valve’s November Steam gaming platform data, Windows 7’s share of players’ desktop systems has grown, while Windows 10’s has declined.

November Steam Statistics: Windows 7 Share DoesN Falling

According to statistics, the share of 64-bit Windows 10 systems fell 2% last month to 74.23 percent. The 64-bit Windows 7 system rose 2.43 percent to 18.47 percent. That doesn’t mean Windows 7 will be recognized by mainstream players again, of course, but not everyone is willing to give up the 2009 operating system.

Overall, Windows’ market share increased 0.26 percent to 96.28 percent on Steam. Apple’s macOS platform, on the other hand, fell 0.22 percent to 2.92 percent, while Linux stalled almost at 0.81 percent. Windows 7 will receive its last security update on January 14, 2020, after which the operating system will be officially listed as unsupported. Enterprise users can purchase paid support from Microsoft for up to three years, and the cost will increase year by year.

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