Amazon AWS Announces Move to Quantum Computing – re:Invent

The battle for “quantum supremacy” has been dominated by Google and IBM, but Amazon AWS has now announced its participation. On AWS re:Invent 2019, Amazon AWS announced and launched a preview version of Amazon Braket, an attempt to transform the emerging realm of quantum computing into an Internet-accessible service.

Amazon AWS Announces Move to Quantum Computing - re:Invent

You know, a month ago, Microsoft did something similar.

Braket was not developed entirely by AWS, but partnered with three quantum computing companies, D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti, to provide their quantum computing systems through the AWS Cloud.

Amazon AWS Announces Move to Quantum Computing - re:Invent

With Braket, scientists, researchers, and developers can build quantum algorithms and basic applications to simulate testing on quantum computers at AWS and its partners.

AWS says it is also creating the AWS Quantum Computing Center, a physics lab near caltech that will bring together the world’s leading quantum computing researchers and engineers. to accelerate the development of quantum computing hardware and software.

In theory, quantum computers can calculate much faster than traditional supercomputers because their bits can exist in multiple quantum states, rather than simply in 1 or 0, which Google recently claimed it did with its 54-bit SyCAMORE quantum computer.

Quantum computing mainly uses two main characteristics of quantum mechanics – quantum superposition and quantum entanglement to achieve a greater improvement in performance than classical computing, which has now surpassed the computing power of classical computing in some computational problems.

However, the special nature of quantum mechanics also poses a great challenge to the design of quantum algorithms.

Quantum computers are rare and expensive, so both Amazon and Microsoft are trying to turn them into a shared, manageable, and potentially scalable resource, just as Amazon has done with its valuable AWS cloud computing platform.

It is understood that, at present, no company has really built a quantum computer, can do the actual work, or, this seems to be far away.

Bill Vass, vice president of technology at AWS, says companies should start experimenting with the technology anyway to prepare for the quantum age.

“We talked to hundreds of customers who wanted to start learning to use quantum computers. Amazon has also set up an advisory group to help customers determine how quantum computing can help their businesses. “

Without their own quantum hardware, Amazon and Microsoft have no choice but to act as “matchmakers” for technology from the outside.

Amazon AWS Announces Move to Quantum Computing - re:Invent

The D-Wave 2000Q

Amazon AWS Announces Move to Quantum Computing - re:Invent

The Rigetti 16Q Aspen-4

Amazon AWS Announces Move to Quantum Computing - re:Invent

The IonQ linear ion trap

Both Amazon and Microsoft claim that this model is better suited to how the high-tech industry works because customers need flexibility.

Bill Vaz says:

“Having multiple machines and technologies is much better than forcing users to choose hardware or software, just as Amazon offers cloud customers with many different processor and software options.” “

Quantum computing is still a very young field, there are a lot of unknown space for technological breakthroughs, and how the giants will explore the next step deserves continued attention.

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