Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 battery certified in Korea

Earlier this year, Samsung unveiled the world’s first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, which opened the door to innovation in the shape of smartphones, but design flaws forced Samsung to abandon the release and fix the design, while the South Korean electronics giant began a follow-up model. Not much is known about Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphones, but the galaxy Fold 2 smartphone’s batteries recently appeared on Safety Korea.

This gives us our first real understanding of Samsung’s upcoming smartphones, which, like the Galaxy Fold, will have the same dual-battery design but different capacities. It is believed that the smaller of the two batteries will have a capacity of 900mAh.

Back in October, Samsung showed off a flip-flop design similar to the Motorola RAZR, which could be the ultimate design of the Galaxy Fold 2. The news also suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 would be cheaper than the Galaxy Fold, but not less than $1,000.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 battery certified in KoreaSamsung Galaxy Fold 2 battery certified in Korea

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