Mozilla Firefox 72.0 Beta 1 Released

Mozilla Firefox 72.0 Beta 1 is now available to FTP, and the official list of updates is not detailed, adding in-picture support for acOS and Linux systems, enhancing tracking protection, and reducing the number of notification permission sms for websites to reduce browsing interference.

Update the list:

Picture-in-picture video is now also available on macOS and Linux

Users of the Windows 10 version before 1903 will see the Firefox shortcut on their task bar, which can be unpinned.

Show notification permission prompts only on websites with which users interact

Enhanced tracking protection in standard mode prevents access to fingerprints

Support for blocking images from a single domain has been removed from Firefox due to low usage and poor user experience. Content Blocker extensions such as uMatrix are a better way to solve this use case.

Mozilla Firefox 72.0 Beta 1 Released

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