iOS 13.2 Release Deep Fusion Photo

Apple today released iOS 13.2 and iPad OS 13.2, and one of the most important features of this update is Deep Fusion. Deep Fusion uses the A13 Bionic Neural Network Engine to capture photos with better textures and details and less noise in low-light environments. At the same time, the update adds more than 70 emojis, including animals, food, activities, new barrier-free emojis, neutral emojis, and skin color choices for partner emojis.

iOS 13.2 发布 黑科技 Deep Fusion 拍照来了!

Finally, support is added for the newly released AirPods Pro headset.

iOS 13.2 发布 黑科技 Deep Fusion 拍照来了!


Deep Fusion on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max uses the A13 bionic neural network engine to capture multiple images at different exposures, perform pixel-by-pixel analysis, and fuse the highest-quality parts of each image into textures and details. Photos with less noise in low-light environments

Change the resolution of your video directly from the Camera app on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max


More than 70 new and updated emojis, including animals, food, events, new barrier-free emojis, neutral emojis, and skin choices for partner emojis

AirPods Support

Support for Siri Message Broadcast to read the received information aloud in AirPods

Support for AirPods Pro

Home App

HomeKit Security Video lets you secretly capture, store, and view encrypted video from a security camera and support human, animal and vehicle detection

HomeKit-enabled routers let you control homeKit accessories’ communications over the Internet or at home


New privacy settings that let you control whether Apple is allowed to store audio of your interactions with Siri and dictation to help improve Siri and dictation

New option to remove your Siri and dictation history from Siri settings

This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements, including:

Fixes an issue where passwords may not be automatically populated in third-party apps

Fixes an issue that the keyboard might not be able to display when using Search

Fixes an issue where you can’t get to the home screen with a swipe gesture on iPhone X and subsequent models

Fixes an issue where Messages may only be notified once when the duplicate reminder option is enabled

Fixes an issue in whose Information might display a contact name as a phone number

Fixes an issue that caused Contacts to appear previously opened contacts instead of contact lists when Contacts is turned on

Fixes an issue where “tag” annotations may not be stored

Fixes an issue where stored memos may disappear temporarily

Fixes an issue where iCloud Backup may not complete a successful backup after tapping Back Up Now in Settings

Improved performance when activating app switchers with Assisted Touch

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