Microsoft Xbox package is back And users can upgrade the Scarlett console for free

Microsoft has re-launched the Xbox All Access bundle, which splits the cost of Xbox Console, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live into 24-month installments. Microsoft’s Xbox All Access bundle starts at $19.99 a month and offers digital versions of Xbox One X, Xbox One S or Xbox One S, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate supports game access on Xbox and PC, as well as Xbox Live Gold multiplayer games.

The $19.99-a-month base bundle will include a digital Xbox One S with a 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as well as an early upgrade option after 18 months. The regular Xbox One S bundle costs $22.99 a month for 24 months, while the Xbox One X costs $30.99 a month. Microsoft is rolling out a special upgrade offer for the Xbox One X  bundle, which will upgrade to the Scarlett console within 12 months.

Microsoft’s new Project Scarlett console will be available over the 2020 Christmas holiday, and Microsoft will continue this upgrade until December 31, 2019. Upgrade to project Scarlett for free by purchasing the Xbox All Access bundle Xbox One X digital version. If you select the Xbox One S Digital Bundle, you will be charged to upgrade to the Scarlett project.

The Xbox One X currently retails for $399 in the Microsoft Store, while the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate typically costs $14.99 a month, bringing the total cost over two years to $758.76. If you pay Microsoft $30.99 a month for two years, the total cost is $743.76, so users can save some money and get a project Scarlett free upgrade.

微软Xbox捆绑包又回来了 用户可以免费升级Scarlett主机

微软Xbox捆绑包又回来了 用户可以免费升级Scarlett主机

微软Xbox捆绑包又回来了 用户可以免费升级Scarlett主机

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