Xbox Announces Exclusive XO19 Gamepad and Related Clothing

Xbox has announced the Xbox One’s exclusive XO19 gamepad. Designed by London-based DPM Studio, the handle has a white, grey, black and green camouflage color. The studio behind the design, DPM, used camouflage expertise to draw inspiration from designing London streetwear brand Maharishi and turn its production spree into a gorgeous gamepad.

The design features custom camouflage for XO19, inspired by the traditional Lizard Pen Camouflage camouflage in 1950 and the River Thames in London. The design blends the artistic origins of camouflage design with rich cultural celebrations in the UK, subtly blending part of London’s iconic landmark, the River Thames, with the iconic hallmark maharishi dragon motif. The gamepad will be available in limited quantities of 1,000, and those looking to buy it will be able to buy the device at the Microsoft Store at 2pm (PST) on November 14 for $99.99. In addition, Microsoft has announced the use of the same theme of clothing.



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