Nvidia Launches Shield TV Pro and Shield TV Dolby Vision and AI 4K Upgrades Supported

Nvidia today officially unveiled two new Shield TV products, with The Shield TV Pro selling for $199.99 and Shield TV for $149.99. Both New Shield TV products feature Tegra X1 Plus processors, which Nvidia says are 25% faster than the original X1.

The main upgrade for the 2019 Shields product is software. Now you’re finally supportive of Dolby Vision HDR. Nvidia is using artificial intelligence to upgrade 1080p and 720p video in streaming media applications to bring them closer to 4K resolution. The Shield TV Pro looks the same as the previous Shield TV, but no longer comes with a gamepad. It has more storage (16GB) and memory (3GB) compared to the standard Shield TV (8GB of storage/2GB of memory), and is the only device in between that can be used as Plex Media Server. It also has two USB 3.0 ports.

Standard Shield TV is aimed at a more mainstream audience. It has An Ethernet connection and microSD extension, but no USB port. Both come with a new remote control with power, volume and fast forward/back buttons, as well as existing voice search, home and back buttons. There is also a customizable hardware button and a Netflix shortcut button. 2 versions of Shield TV can run the latest version of Android TV, and although Android TV 10 is already available on mobile devices, they are still pre-installed with Android TV 9.

Nvidia发布Shield TV Pro和Shield TV 支持杜比视界和AI 4K升级

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