The 2020 iPhone will support under-screen ultrasonic fingerprinting, which is expected to be used in Qualcomm

Apple intends to add under-screen fingerprint recognition in the 2020 iPhone, the company will send a high-level secret visit to Hon Hai Group’s industry into the GIS-KY Chengdu plant next week, to discuss supersonic under-screen fingerprint recognition cooperation, for capacity, yield, price and other aspects to finalize the details, with new features to increase the iPhone selling point, sprint sales.

GIS previously offered iPhone Touch Fit service, and with Apple changing the iPhone to in-line touch design (In-cell), removing 3D Touch and even replacing fingerprint recognition with face recognition, GIS lost its iPhone order, which is expected to return with supersonic screen fingerprinting the iPhone supply chain, driving the results.

The 2020 iPhone will support off-screen ultrasonic fingerprinting, which is expected to be used in Qualcomm

In addition, GIS has recently been revealed to have entered the Mini LED space and will be responsible for the assembly of Apple’s iPad Mini LED modulein in the future. Originally a major supplier of the iPad Touch Panel, GIS is now re-assembling the Mini LED module to help increase future gross margins, and Apple’s off-screen fingerprinting and Mini LED module assembly are all working with GIS to highlight the importance of GIS to Apple.

Apple started with the iPhone X and replaced fingerprint recognition with a brush face. With Samsung, Huawei and other non-in-line indicator series have been imported into the under-screen fingerprint recognition, the realization of “comprehensive screen phone”, become a major selling point, Apple began to think about re-embrace the off-screen fingerprint recognition.

Supersonic under-screen fingerprint recognition can achieve the thinnest material, the highest accuracy of the purpose, better than optical under-screen fingerprint recognition, Samsung has been in this year’s S10, Note 10 two flagship machine import, and cooperation with GIS. Apple considered GIS as its main partner Hon Hai Group relations enterprise, financial stability, and Qualcomm supersonic fingerprint identification reference designer, and Samsung flagship machine cooperation experience, regardless of production capacity, yield are in line with the production conditions, so find GIS.

The 2020 iPhone will support off-screen ultrasonic fingerprinting, which is expected to be used in Qualcomm

Apple has recently been to the U.S. Patent Office to file off-screen fingerprint identification related patents, showing that Apple is actively laying out related technology, the recent supply chain has been out, Apple has asked a number of under-screen fingerprint identification operators to send samples for testing, coupled with this year’s Apple and Qualcomm litigation settlement, Qualcomm is the supersonic under-screen fingerprint identification technology leader, The market believes it is Apple to pave the way for future imports of under-screen fingerprinting.

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