Microsoft iOS’s Seeing AI app adds 5 new languages

Microsoft has updated the language support for the iOS version of the Seeing AI app, and now adds five languages in addition to English,media reported. The app, released in 2017, uses AI and computer vision technology to describe the world for the visually impaired. Get a description of the world around them when the user points the phone camera at someone or something. It is reported that the new languages include Dutch, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Microsoft iOS's Seeing AI app adds 5 new languages

That means the app will be more widely available to millions of visually impaired or visually impaired users around the world, Microsoft said.

On these new improvements, Saqib Shaikh, Microsoft’s project leader and co-founder of See AI, said, “What’s more moving than the technology itself is that people have used the See AI feature and incorporated it into their personal lives.” I get the most fun from my customers about how they use See AI. “

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