“Star Trek: Animated Series” screenwriter D.C. Fontana died at the age of 80.

Legendary screenwriter Dorothy Catherine “DC” Fontana died Monday at the age of 80 after a brief illness,media CNET reported. Fontana made an important contribution to the Star Trek universe through Star Trek: Original Series and Star Trek: Animated Series.

“Her mythological creations in the classic “Star Trek” are not limited to television, but have opened the way for women in science fiction,” the AFI said in a statement Tuesday. Fontana was a senior lecturer at AFI.

The official Twitter account of Roddenberry Entertainment, the production company associated with Star Trek screenwriter Gene Roddenberry, confirmed the news.

Fontana used her initials to effectively mask her gender for years, but she was recognized as a pioneer of television screenwriters. In addition to Star Trek, she has also worked on “Mr. Six Million Dollars” and “Babylonian 5.”

TV screenwriter Jane Espenson said on Twitter: “I know Dorothy. She is very kind to me. She is an important woman with a good soul. She has had a great life. She is a ‘lighthouse’ for other TV screenwriters. It’s catastrophic. “

Fontana co-wrote the 1973 “Yesteryear” episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series, which set out the details of Spock’s childhood.

Asked about her biggest contribution to Star Trek, Fontana told StarTrek.com: “It’s mainly about Spock developing as a character and going to Vulcan as its history/background/culture.” “

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