Facebook CEO Zuckerberg and his wife’s private life is a rare glimpse

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, philanthropist Priscilla Chan, recently invited television crews to their homes for the first time to give a glimpse into the couple’s private lives,media reported. Clearly, this is an uplifting piece, as it depicts the couple as unusual, and the timing of its launch is very special – the scandal-plagued social networking company is now in particular in need of something positive.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg and his wife's private life is a rare glimpse

CBS This Morning host Gayle King spoke with the Zuckerbergs on a variety of topics, including family. Zuckerberg’s two daughters, Max and Augus, also appeared in the interview. As for the Zuckerbergs themselves, they didn’t do it, even though they had the financial ability to give them anything they wanted. In fact, children do housework, and sometimes they even go to the office with their parents to see what they are doing and how they contribute.

As for how to deal with work and family relationships, Chen admits that sometimes she takes her work home, “we care a lot about our work.” So we won’t leave it at the door. But for ‘now is the time to talk about it?’ ‘We’ll be very cautious. “

Host King found that Mark is a sentimental person in a relationship, and that they have a date night every week, on which night they don’t discuss work. In fact, this practice is an important part of building and maintaining healthy relationships.

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