Edge 79 Enhanced tracking protection: “Balance” mode does not affect access to block 25% trackers

In an official blog post updated today, Microsoft announced that it will introduce additional tracking protection for Chromium-based Edge browsers. In an Edge preview update released in early November, Microsoft added a restrictive feature called Tracking Prevention to further improve network security.

The new Edge’s tracking defenses are the same as their principles, but more practical and sophisticated, replacing individual TLLs with multiple “trust protection lists.” If you’re running a new Edge, you can find Tracking Prevention on the Edge Settings page under the Privacy and Services title. By default, Anti-Trace is enabled, and Balance mode is selected by default.

According to Microsoft, the “balance” mode “blocks potentially harmful trackers and trackers from unvisited sites,” and setting it to ‘strict’ mode blocks most trackers on all sites, but can also cause some sites to not function properly.

In today’s updated blog post, the Microsoft Edge development team said it had improved its “balance” mode, blocking about 25 percent of the network trackers on The Edge 79. The team said that in balanced mode, as much as possible without affecting the normal access of more websites, such as companies with multiple domain names, the team was able to block network tracking as much as possible under the Content classification.

The Edge team explains: “To determine the blocking tracking list, we created the tracking blocking logic based on the site’s user engagement score and some observations that blocked having multiple domain names. It’s worth noting that this compatibility mitigation applies only to Balanced mode, which continues to block the maximum number of trackers without any impact. “

Overall, tracking protection in “balanced” mode is more effective than ever, but the Edge team says it still needs to be refined. “As with all of our features, we will continue to monitor telemetry and user feedback channels for more information and to continuously improve anti-tracking in future releases,” the team said today. “

Another interesting update for Edge 79 is InPrivate Browsing Mode: The InPrivate Browsing window will not default to the Strict tracking protection level, which may prevent some websites from accessing properly. The InPrivate mode in Edge 79 follows the user’s current tracking protection settings and should no longer experience unexpected compatibility issues.

The Microsoft Edge team says these improvements have been deployed to the Edge 79 version, and Dev and Canary are currently based on version 80.

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