NASA unveils ‘robot hotel’ RiTS that will be launched into space

NASA has unveiled a “robot hotel” that will be launched into space,media reported. The device is part of a commercial resupply mission launched by SpaceX on December 4, local time. The robot hotel will be deployed outside the ISS to protect vital hardware from threats from space. By co-operating together, Robotic Hotels and Instruments will help protect ISS’s valuable systems.

NASA unveils 'robot hotel' RiTS that will be launched into space

NASA is expected to launch The Robot Tool Stowage (RiTS), a protective storage unit known as the Robotics Hotel. The device will be the first to be used to house a pair of Robotic External Leak Locators (RELls). ReLL is known to be a mass spectrometer that can detect ammonia leaks from ISS. Now, both RELL units are in ISS, one arriving in 2015 and one last year.

NASA unveils 'robot hotel' RiTS that will be launched into space

CURRENTLY RELS ARE STORED IN ISS, WHICH MEANS THEY TAKE UP VALUABLE SPACE IN ISS. Astronauts must spend important time deploying the hardware because they must be used outside the space station. Although THE RELL is operated by a ground team, NASA says it takes time to schedule deployments and ensure that the airlocks are available.

The Robotic Inn will be able to keep the RELL unit out and protect it from the threat of small projectiles called micrometeoroids, as well as space radiation and very low temperatures.

NASA says testing outside the space station will be more efficient than internal lying for ammonia leaks. For years, the tiny leaks from ISS have been mainly caused by micrometeoroids, which pose no safety risk to the crew, but it is important that the crew monitor everything works smoothly.

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